Vibrant, Original Creativity

These are just a few of the projects you can see, join or branch off of at the SudoRoom hackerspace!

CyberWizard Institutes

CyberWizard Institute

Come, learn how to be a cyberwizard with us. We're an open, collaborative, and free programming school based out of the Sudo Room hackerspace in Oakland.


Hello, we are here to free the internet. We are an all-volunteer organization building the People's Open Network, a community-owned and operated non-profit internet infrastructure in Oakland.

My Health, My Art

Using medical technology for the forces of good, we encourage the use of MRI Scans, medical records to be tools of self-education and creativity. Print out your broken bone scan on our LulzBot 3D printer, learn about the medical devices industry, and support open source software!

Giant Robot Arm

Who wouldn't want a giant industrial robot arm to play around with? Not many folks get a chance to learn robots in a real life situation either unless they're "on the job." Our hackers open sourced software that you can even control the robot arm to draw dinosaurs for you!

Join us and Create