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Hack your Body and even Print it out at SudoRoom!

MRI Scan

Your Medical Records Belong to You

Did you know that you technically own your MRI scan?

Even better, you can ask your doctor for a copy of your medical record and then hack it with free and open-source software... and even turn it to a work of art by printing it out on a 3D Printer at SudoRoom!

There's a lot more out there that's free, easy to use and open soruce than you ever though possible. And what better and more fascinating way to involve your body than printing it out in 3D on our LulzBot 3D Printer?

The MRI Art scan project is ongoing at SudoRoom, and we are currently building up a database of interesting MRIs. Feel free to come by and take part of this ongoing project.

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Who owns your health records? Most Americans don't have any idea what happens to their records, and even when they do have their records, they don't do much with them. By hacking your records, you're empowering yourself!

Open Source

Much healthcare software is proprietary, expensive and poses huge barriers to entry not only for new businesses but for curious people interested in their own health. By hacking at SudoRoom you'll be spreading awareness about awesome open source projects that make analyzing health more accessible to everyone!


Let's just admit that it's pure fun to look at your body as a work of art. Plus 3D printing your body on our 3D printer at SudoRoom turns you not only into an artist, but also helps you learn in a much more intersting way.